The Philips SMP 3700 – Our Favourite Mic For Dictation

The Philips SMP 3700 – Our Favourite Mic For Dictation
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It’s not just a fancy microphone, the Philips SMP 3700 is the guaranteed way to ensure your success.

Using lower-quality microphones will have a significant impact on the software’s ability to process your speech quickly and accurately.

We tested several microphone and headset options with Talkatoo and found that nothing compares to the quality of the Philips. It provides the fastest and most accurate dictation results.

We’re not far from a future of being able to dictate entirely hands-free, but for now the SMP 3700 provides the best experience, hands down! Joking aside, all the control you need is in the palm of your hand!

With this pairing you also get added functionality in addition to quality. The programmable keys on the SMP 3700 can be customized to any hot key press, providing the ability to control the Talkatoo dictation bar. You can tab through sections, create a new line and insert text, all from buttons on the mics surface. 

The SMP 3700 also comes with an antimicrobial hygienic surface designed to hinder local colonization of germs, improving the efficiency of the usual measures for disinfecting microphones. 

All of our customers who are using the Philips SMP 3700 are deeply satisfied with the experience, making it an easy microphone to recommend to all of our transcribers!

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