Dr. Veterinarian: would you like to go home early?

Are you tired of working until 9pm? How often have you worked overtime this week? Have you been skipping meals at work? Do you get a full night’s sleep? You’re overworked, and the more successful you become, the less time you’re going to have.

A study of 15,000 medical professionals found that the #1 of driver of burnout is administrative work. Indeed, this is where you’re losing a lot of unnecessary time.

Leading Causes of Burnout: Medscape National Physician Burnout and Depression Report 2018

So how do you gain that time back?

Well, there is a lot of good advice on how to run a more efficient clinic. Tips include writing medical records throughout the day, delegating more, and using abbreviated shortcuts in your chart work. But these changes come with tradeoffs: time invested in training, needing to learn new habits, and the risk of incomplete medical records.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution that gets to the heart of the problem. A study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that documentation speed increased 26% with dictation software, even though dictated notes were almost TWICE as long. The study factored in correction time and looked at 1,455 clinical reports from 28 physicians. When you adjust for the length of records, dictation alone can cut your administrative time in HALF.

The reason dictation is so effective is simple and surprising: you speak 5 times faster than you type. That means dictation is the single easiest way to reduce the time you spend on bureaucratic tasks. Not only does it cut your chart work time in half, but it also reduces the time you and your staff spend on other tasks such as writing emails.

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