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Supercharge your productivity with your voice + AI.
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Talkatoo is not just dictation

You may know us as “the dictation people”, but our goal has always been to save Veterinarians time with their voice. The way we do that has evolved over the years.

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Voice powered tools to save you time

Three levels of control, so you can choose how hands-off you want to be.
More Hands-Off
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  • Record your notes.
  • Our scribes verify the accuracy.
  • Scribes enter to your PMS.
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Just Right
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Auto-SOAP Records

  • Record an exam or your notes.
  • Our AI magically formats it.
  • Enter it to your PMS yourself.
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Full Control
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Desktop Dictation

  • Speak your notes in any field / app.
  • Works on Mac and Windows.
  • Use your phone as a secure mic.
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That human touch. 100% Accurate notes.


For those who understand that their time is a premium and they want to save as much as possible. Record your notes and submit and that’s it. Our scribes will make sure your note is correct, and place it in your PMS for you.

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“I was on vacation on Friday – Monday and I just peeked at my records from Thursday afternoon when I first started recording my entire appointments – I am blown away!!! Y’all did an amazing job catching all of the details of my conversations with Os and my exam notes. This is perfect for me!!”
Dr. Green-Ivey
Templated notes automatically. Thanks AI.

Auto-SOAP Records

Allows busy veterinarians to record an entire exam or to dictate their notes after and have Talkatoo auto-magically format the recording into a SOAP note, or other template.

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“This program has been invaluable with the current increase in patient demand. It really has facilitated my ability to care for more patients on a daily basis. It has really increased the productivity at our animal hospital. This program has been invaluable to our practice and helping us keep our clients satisfied.”
Dr. Juillerat
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Dictate in any field, in any app. Total control.

Desktop Dictation

For those who want the most control. Dictate directly in any field in any program on Mac or Windows. You can even connect your mobile device as a secure microphone to make the process easier.

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“Dude, this program is unbelievable. It shortens my notes by 50 to 80%. Flipping awesome. Why didn’t I do this a looooong time ago?”
Dr. Dorsam

Not sure which is right for you?
Have a quick chat with us to find out.

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Be more hands off.

Just record your notes and let our scribes do the rest.

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Find your balance.

Desktop dictation and auto SOAP templating all in once price.

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