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Talkatoo is lightning fast, clocking in at over 200 words per minute. That's 5x the average human type speed.


Talkatoo is over 97% accurate. Spend less time cleaning up your notes and more time on other tasks.

Professional Vocabulary

Talkatoo boasts a large professional vocabulary covering medical, veterinary, legal and many other fields.

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Talkatoo is platform-agnostic, so the same suite of features can be used on PC or Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an external microphone?

An external microphone is not required. However, for improved dictation quality, especially in noisy workplaces, we recommend a good-quality unidirectional microphone.

Our recommended microphone for the best mix of quality and value is the The ANC-300 hand-held computer microphone with USB adapter available for purchase here:

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