An intelligent, user-friendly dictation solution.

Your job is demanding, but documentation doesn’t have to be. Learn how our cloud-based software turns time consuming chart work into a single-click experience.

Software that speaks your language

Voice to text software that understands every accent

No crossed wires with this tech

Talkatoo is powered by artificial intelligence. The more you use the software, the better it’ll learn your lingo. You don’t need to train Talkatoo to your voice, either.

It understands every accent, whether you’re from Boston or Budapest—and the software is constantly improving.

Working Guy Using Talkatoo

Move over, Webster’s

Our built-in medical dictionary ensures Talkatoo understands words you use frequently from day one. The software also includes a “My Words” feature, which is your unique customizable vocabulary. My Words was created with industry experts’ input to help you to save even more time. You’ll become a pro in short order with a few quick tips.

How our dictation software works.

Join our customers across the globe who are spending more time with their patients thanks to Talkatoo.


specialized words in our
library, and growing


dictations on
the platform


hours in time savings to date
by Talkatoo users

Say goodbye to endless
paperwork in a few simple steps.

With Talkatoo, anywhere you can type, you can talk. Our software is lightning fast and highly accurate. Talkatoo acts as your keyboard to capture all of your chart notes, so you don’t have to spend another evening in the clinic after hours catching up on record keeping.


1. Launch App

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2. Click ANY text Input

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3. Talk (don’t type)

What would you do with
an extra 3 hours a day?

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