The Talkatoo MobileMic

Use your iPhone as a microphone so you can dictate wirelessly at any computer where Talkatoo software is installed.

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Go Wireless with the Talkatoo MobileMic – Accessible, Simple, Reliable, Secure.

The Talkatoo MobileMic instantly turns your iPhone into a secure, wireless microphone and pairs with any Mac or Windows device where Talkatoo is running.

No Mic? No problem, use the mobile device you always have handy – your iPhone. The Talkatoo MobileMic turns your smartphone into a secure wireless microphone and instantly pairs with any device where Talkatoo is running, giving you the freedom to roam from computer to computer and complete documentation with ease.

Download the app and your iPhone will be instantly transformed into a device that converts your exact words into any document, field, or form you’re typing in when using Talkatoo. Say good-bye to cords, cables, USB ports, and docking stations and hello to more freedom with the same awesome Talkatoo dictation experience.



Pairs instantly and securely with any computer where Talkatoo is running.



Is quick to download and install, easy to learn, and offers a simple one button design.



Uses advanced speech recognition for accurate dictation.



Uses the most secure data transmission available to ensure your privacy.