Want to learn more about Talkatoo? We are flattered.

Now that you understand the “what” and “how” of our software, let’s get into who we are, and why we do what we do.

Envisioning innovation for the medical industry.

Talkatoo is an example of what is possible when a group of innovation-minded individuals are focused on reaching one goal together: making the day-to-day lives of medical professionals better.

In 2019, after selling his previous company, Shawn Wilkie was ready to move on to something new. He had been involved in medical and veterinary dictation for several years, but always felt there had to be a better way to deliver the software.

It had to be possible, with the technology available today, to create an affordable, intelligent medical dictation solution that would scale to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of users. That is how Talkatoo was born.

Our Company Culture

Here at Talkatoo, we feel the best way to get things done—and done well—is to hire talented people and give them the freedom to work. We know that hiring the right team members isn’t about a competitive salary or comprehensive health benefits. Sure, we offer those things, but where we really shine is by having interesting problems to solve, and giving people the autonomy to succeed in their roles.

We’re not interested in making anyone grind. If you need to work late to finish a project, take that time off later. We’d rather have our staff build things well than rush to get something out the door. We want to make sure you’re happy—not burnt out. That’s why we offer paid vacation, and have virtual team connects in addition to in-person get togethers to escape the day-to-day, strengthen collaboration and align on our goals.

We are a remote first company. While we do have an office, if you don’t feel like coming in, or would just prefer to work from home, we’re okay with that. It’s all part of our flexible company culture.