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– April, 2024

Hi Hi 🙂

We’ve got a lot of updates for you guys this month!

On the Web App side, we’ve refined the notes table view with several new features:

  • Note Title and Preview
    Quickly view the title and a snippet of each note.
  • Template Display
    See what templates are available for each note directly in the table.
  • Simplified View
    The “recorded by” column has been removed for users who can only access their own notes, making the interface cleaner and more focused.

We’ve also got plenty of updates for our iOS users:

  • Audio Bug Fix
    Audio will now remain properly contained within the app thanks to our latest bug fix.
  • Enhanced Note Submission
    Improved handling of notes quickly submitted in succession.
  • Minor Text Display Issues Resolved
    We’ve cleaned up text display issues to enhance readability.
  • New Cancel Button
    Added a cancel button in the segment playback view for better navigation control.
  • Note Attention Header
    A new header in the notes detail screen now alerts you when a note needs your attention.
  • Improved Username Field
    Autocomplete is disabled in the username field to reduce errors.
  • Streamlined Permissions Navigation
    The permissions warning now directs you straight to the app settings page.
  • In-App Note Title Editing
    Add and edit note titles directly within the app.
  • Easier Workstation Reconnection
    Reconnecting to your workstation is now smoother and more intuitive.

Like iOS, Android users can now add and edit note titles directly within the app. We’ve also simplified reconnecting to a workstation, and we’ve even updated the ✨App Icon ✨

Chow-Chow 😉
Terry from Talkatoo

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– March, 2024

What’s up doc?

We’ve got the latest updates on the Web App rearing to go!

Personalize and control your account settings like never before with our new user profile settings. Customize your profile by uploading a photo., update your password and add more details about yourself to help your team members know you better.

For our dedicated scribes, we’ve rolled out several new features just for you!

Doctor Preference Field
Record specific preferences doctors have regarding their note-keeping—tailor your scribing to each doctor’s needs.

Show All Issues
Easily navigate through all active and resolved issues related to a single note with just one button.

Multi-Select in Notes Table
Archive multiple notes at once without waiting for each note to load—note, this feature is limited to your notes only.

Preferred Template Saving
The system now saves your preferred note template on the server. When you access a note, it will automatically load in the template you set as your default.

In Android news, experience our fresh, user-friendly interface now on Android. Join the cub and enjoy the streamlined look and feel! iOS Version Coming Soon 😏

Well, that’s all folks! 🐰 Thanks for CHEW-ning in! 🥕
Terry from Talkatoo

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– February, 2024

Hey there love birds!

We’re keeping it short and sweet this month 😏 with some FIN-tastic news! Our speech recognition just got a supercharge!

We’ve upgraded our speech-to-text capabilities, meaning high accuracy and enhanced quality and reliability of the SOAP notes generated through our system.

Later, alligator!
Terry from Talkatoo

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– January, 2024

Hi Folks!

Here’s what’s new in this month’s major Android release:

  • Notes Support
    Enhanced functionality for note-taking within the app, providing a smoother and more efficient user experience.
  • Samsung Device Fixes
    We’ve addressed and resolved specific bugs that affected Samsung devices, ensuring a more stable performance across these models.

Auto-SOAP has some new enhancements:

  • Custom NIL Values
    Users now have the ability to configure custom “NIL” (No Information Listed) values for SOAP notes directly within the Web App, allowing for more personalized and precise documentation.
  • Extended Recording Capacity
    The system now supports longer recordings, enabling more comprehensive note-taking without the need to frequently start and stop recordings.
    Kanban Board for Note Review
    A new Kanban board feature has been introduced to help users organize and review notes more effectively, providing a visual workflow that can be customized to suit different needs.

Before you get bark to business, give a round of aPAWs to our team for their hard work 🙂

Until next time!
Terry from Talkatoo

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– December, 2023

Hello World!

We’ve got PAWsitivly aMOOsing news! Auto-SOAP Generation is now live for the whole flock!


  • Automatic title generation for ease and efficiency.
  • Clearly defined sections for each SOAP component.
  • Reduced submission errors within the app.

Talkatoo Tips for Users

Our expert team has a few tips to help you excel in your documentation efforts.

  1. Record Notes Immediately
    Instead of waiting until the end of the day, try to record your notes right after each patient visit. This small habit can save you time and improve the accuracy of your notes, ultimately giving you more hours back in your day.
  2. Start with Key Information
    When beginning your dictation, always include the following essential details at the start of each note:

    • Patient’s full name (first and last)
    • Patient ID Number
    • Date of the visit (especially if it’s for a previous date)
  3. Use SOAP Format
    Dictate using the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) format. Begin each section with clear headings to organize your findings effectively.
  4. Default Setting
    If no observations are dictated for body systems, they will automatically default to “within normal limits.” If vitals are not mentioned, they will remain blank.
  5. Single Patient Per Note
    Ensure that each note pertains to only one patient to maintain the accuracy and clarity of the records.
  6. Optimizing Audio Quality
    For the best audio quality, hold the phone within 12 inches of your mouth while dictating. Remember that the microphone is typically located on the front of the phone.

Implementing these tips can really make your documentation process the cat’s pajamas — quicker, more precise, and more efficient.

Stay tuned—there’s more to come! We’re not kitten around when we say we’ve got some pawsitively exciting features in the works for future updates!

Thanks for tuning in!
Terry from Talkatoo