Axe the non-compete and other useful tips

Critical components of an employment contract

Paul Diaz – July 13, 2023
12pm PST / 3pm EST

Paul Diaz Webinar


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Session Overview

The recruiting process for veterinary professionals can be challenging. When there is a misalignment of values between candidates and employers, it leads to wasted time and energy for everyone involved. In this webinar, we will explore strategies to ensure that candidate and employer values are aligned. We will also address ethical issues surrounding employment including the impact of non-compete agreements in job offers. Gain valuable insight and receive guidance on creating fair and binding employment contracts. Plus, we’ll share five essential items to consider while job hunting. 


Paul Diaz is the visionary Founder and CEO of Offer First, an innovative technology company that is set to revolutionize the veterinary recruiting industry. Offer First stands out as the only company daring to challenge and enhance the traditional recruiting process, one that has remained unchanged for decades.

A seasoned United States Marine Corps Veteran with over 22 years of leadership experience in recruiting, Paul has served as the Vice President of DVM Recruiting for one of the largest veterinary employers in the nation. In this role he successfully led the hire of over 1,100 DVM professionals in just two years.

Recognized as a prominent advocate for ending veterinary non-compete agreements, Paul has been invited to numerous VBMA National Meetings. He actively visits veterinary schools across the country, sharing his knowledge and educating veterinary students about the intricacies of employment contracts. His aim is to empower students with the awareness and negotiation skills necessary to navigate contractual clauses effectively.

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