Bring Your Veterinary Practice Into the 21st Century

Ditch Your Old-School Leadership Style For One That Fits Today’s Way of Working

Dr. Rob Trimble – August 23, 2022

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Session Overview

Organizations have long relied on traditional hierarchies, with a chain of command in which only those at the top make decisions. However, many startups today are choosing a more nimble, future-focused approach, incorporating distributed leadership into their business models where decisions are made at all levels of the organization, not just by top-level executives. This allows for a more flexible and responsive organization that can quickly adapt to new challenges. Like most organizations, veterinary practices have relied on this leadership model for far too long and continue to face numerous challenges as they try to navigate a new business world characterized by rapid change, disruption, and complexity. 

Join veterinary leadership expert Dr. Rob Trimble, along with Talkatoo CEO and serial entrepreneur, Shawn Wilkie, as they discuss how leaders in veterinary can pull ahead of the pack by replacing the outdated leadership hierarchy with a distributed model to improve speed, productivity, innovation, talent retention, and employee wellbeing.

Guest bio

Dr. Robert Trimble, DVM
VP, Harbor Community
ED, Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy

Dr. Rob Trimble is a veterinarian and entrepreneur with a passion for innovating at the intersection of medicine, technology, and organizational design. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy with the goal of accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship from within the veterinary profession, starting with veterinary students. He is also Vice President of Harbor Community, an online network that helps veterinary professionals and students take ownership of their careers and well-being. Rob spent several years working with pet health technology startups and in 2016, co-founded Fuzzy Pet Health (a pet health technology startup based in San Francisco). Rob likes small towns, big waves, authentic conversations, and preparing business leaders for a future of rapid change.

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