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Simple Concepts to Foster an Environment That Promotes Well-being at Work

Josh Vaisman – September 27, 2022

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Session Overview

Being happy at work is one of the most influential drivers of an individual’s overall well-being. When people are in a state of well-being at work, they’re able to be productive and creative, build positive relationships, better cope with stress, and make meaningful contributions – all of which have a direct impact on a business’s performance. Investing in employee well-being can lead to increased resilience, improved employee engagement, reduced sick-time, and better overall productivity. Fostering a safe environment where wellness is front and centre, and providing strategies and tools to help employees thrive in their personal and professional lives, is key to the success of any veterinary business. So how can veterinary leaders intentionally cultivate environments that contribute to both performance and the experience of professional fulfillment and thriving?

Join positive change ninja Josh Vaisman and Talkatoo CEO Shawn Wilkie as they discuss the science of human thriving and offer simple concepts to help craft an environment that promotes well-being and a place where individuals and teams can thrive.

Guest bio

Josh Vaisman, MAPPCP
Flourish Veterinary Consulting

Josh believes all veterinary professionals deserve to feel fulfilled by their work, each and every day. Through his company, Flourish Veterinary Consulting, he combines more than 20 years of veterinary experience, a master’s in applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, and education in Positive Leadership and Positive Organizational Scholarship and a passion for guiding leaders to cultivate work environments in which people can thrive.Fun fact – Josh is also an avid beekeeper who teaches beginning beekeepers how to tend to their buzzing buddies

Find out more about Flourish Veterinary Consulting. Connect with Josh on LinkedIn.

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