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How to Shape a Healthy, Positive Veterinary Workplace Culture

Thom Jenkins – May 3, 2022

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Session Overview

When was the last time you asked yourself, is my team happy? What’s more, when’s the last time you actually asked your team? With all the selflessness, love, and emotion required to care for animals it may be hard to believe that a veterinary clinic is a ripe environment for dysfunction and toxicity. When you’re a for-profit dealing with life and death, emotions can run high, burnout is fierce, and patient care can take precedence over everything else, leaving your team’s needs and happiness to fall by the wayside. If you’re dealing with unengaged or angry employees, a soaring list of customer complaints, and/or high staff turnover, it’s time to take a good long look at your workplace culture. 

Join veterinarian and CEO of PetsApp, Thom Jenkins along with Shawn Wilkie, host of the Veterinary innovation podcast and CEO of Talkatoo, as they discuss ways to recognize the signs of an unhealthy clinic culture and approaches to cultivate a positive and engaged workplace for veterinary staff.

Guest bio

Dr. Thom Jenkins
Co-Found and CEO of PetsApp

Dr. Thom Jenkins is Co-founder & CEO of PetsApp, a client engagement app used by over 170 veterinary clinics across the UK. He is a qualified vet, having served as Chief Operating Officer of veterinary groups in both the UK and Asia. He was the inaugural chair of VetForum in the UK, USA, and APAC.

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