Veterinary productivity and utilization

Dive into the latest data on scheduling and time management from thousands of clinics across the world

Dr Julien Renard – February 28, 2023

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Session Overview

Why do some vets see 5 patients a day while others see 8? With the current shortage of veterinary doctors and the rapid increase in the number of pets resulting from the COVID-19 lockdown, practice productivity is more important than ever. 

Join Dr. Julien Renard, Co-Founder of Vetstoria, and Shawn Wilkie, CEO of Talkatoo, as they dive into the latest data relating to productivity and utilization across the veterinary industry. Get familiar with the latest tools and methods for better scheduling and optimization and learn about how you can slow down to speed up.

Guest bio

Dr Julien Renard

Dr Julien Renard is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vetstoria, the industry-leading veterinary booking platform used by over 2000 practices globally to streamline operations, improve customer experience and maximize revenue. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked as an emergency veterinarian for almost 10 years across Europe and the UK. His work was an inspiration for Vetstoria as he sought ways of bringing the advantages of technology to the veterinary industry.

Find out more about Vetstoria. Connect with Julien on LinkedIn.

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