Where did all your vet staff go?

Ways to tackle retention issues in your practice right now

Alan Robinson – April 5, 2022


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Session Overview

If you’re in veterinary, you know all too well that staff retention is a major challenge. Veterinary practices across the US and beyond are struggling to hire and retain staff at all levels. As it stands, 52% of veterinary businesses are short of veterinary surgeons and vet techs have an estimated 30-35% turnover rate. High turnover hurts productivity and kills efficiency. The common theme for this attrition: low pay, long hours, compassion fatigue, poor practice management, and toxic clinic culture. So what’s a practice owner to do? Join Alan Robinson, BVSc MRCVS DMS and Director of Vet Dynamics as he talks with Shawn Wilkie, Talkatoo CEO and host of the Innovation Veterinary Podcast, about practical ways practice owners and managers can remedy these retention challenges right now.

Guest bio

Alan Robinson
B.V.Sc. MRCVS DMS, Director of Vet Dynamics

Alan Robinson has been a veterinary surgeon in practice for 20+ years, a successful business consultant for 18 years to over 1,000 practices and a director of Vet Dynamics. His mission is helping independent practice owners improve performance and quality of life in practice.
Vet Dynamics is unique to other veterinary business education groups because of the personalized resources developed around their four areas of focus: Practice performance, Business Intelligence, Leadership & Culture and Team Engagement.

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