Your notes are done when your appointment is done.

Record your entire appointment and we automatically generate a SOAP note.

The end of
as you know it.

Your recording is uploaded to the Webapp, where you can access your original recording, a transcript of the full audio, and an automatically generated SOAP note. Record when and where you want, from the comfort of your desk to the consultation room. 

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My charting takes half the time. and I appreciate having more time to spend with clients in person rather than in front of a computer!
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it really has been a game-changer in terms of my workflow and my efficiency. I’m not a good typer and I’m not a good speller and this has dramatically helped in both of those situations and it’s taken hours off of my day

Enjoy our suite of time-saving veterinary tools!

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Desktop Dictation

With a built-in specialized veterinary dictionary, Talkatoo acts as your keyboard. Dictate into all practice management systems, in any browser, on any email platform, and beyond.

Hit start dictation and start saving time today. Connect your phone using the Mobile Mic to capture clear audio. Personalize your spellings with My Words or insert text with a vocal command using Talkatext.

TaDA: Talkatoo Dictation Assistant

Enhance your workflow with the Dictation Assistant, a revolutionary AI tool that can edit your notes, craft client communications, and swiftly reference all recorded SOAP notes with ease.

Struggling to remember the date of Fluffy’s last appointment? Just ask TaDA. Unlock your potential with instant access to every medical record right from your desktop.

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Do more of what you love and less of what you dread.