Talkatoo Features


Talkatoo is lightning fast, clocking in at over 200 words per minute. That's 5x the average human type speed.


Talkatoo is highly accurate. Spend less time cleaning up your notes and more time on other tasks.

Professional vocabulary

Talkatoo boasts a large professional vocabulary covering veterinary, legal, and many other fields.

It just works

Talkatoo is platform-agnostic, so the same suite of features can be used on PC or Mac.

Input text anywhere

Our product works like a keyboard. Anywhere you can type, you can talk.

It intuitively understands you

Talkatoo is powered by the latest cloud AI technologies and is constantly improving. There's no need to train it to your voice. It understands every accent, whether you're from Boston or Budapest.

It understands the words you use

Talkatoo can remember the names, places and lingo that's most important to you. Add words to your personal vocabulary and Talkatoo will remember them.

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Mac Updates

Mac version now available! Start your free trial today!