Veterinarians Use Talkatoo Dictation to Complete Reports on Mac

Veterinarians Use Talkatoo Dictation to Complete Reports on Mac
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Veterinarian professionals take ALOT of notes throughout the day. This means a great deal of time, effort, and hand cramps are your destiny. Not to mention, typing isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Nobody became a vet so they could spend all their time typing up reports. There is another way of doing things that could save you more than 5 hours every week: You can use dictation software. There’s been a few options developed for Windows users, however, what if you need dictation software for macOS computers?

Naunce’s Dragon software is a popular option when it comes to dictation software for veterinarians. However, Nuance’s Dragon for Mac was discontinued back in 2018. Since there is no Nuance software Dragon for Mac, users hoping to dictate on a mac will have to look for something else.

Talkatoo is dictation software that works on Apple’s Mac computers. This desktop dictation solution uses speech-to-text capabilities to deliver quick and accurate dictation for both Windows and Mac. It’s made specifically with vets in mind. It knows your lingo, thanks to the built-in medical dictionary, but also allows the flexibility of adding new words, terms and abbreviation to customize your experience. You can use this software for dictation on macOS systems from the day you get it.

Talkatoo gives veterinarians the edge because of its ability to dictate on any platform. This allows users the flexibility of when and where to complete their daily reports. Talkatoo is extremely accurate, and is even able to understand multiple accents. One veterinarian, Dr. Andrea Hilden, was able to save 5 hours every week when she switched to using Talkatoo.

If you were looking for Dragon software for Mac computers but struck out, there’s no need to worry. Talkatoo is the perfect solution when it comes to veterinary software for Mac systems. You can try it for yourself for seven days, no credit card required. Whether you are a small veterinary clinic or a major hospital, dictation for Mac systems finally has a working solution. Software updates are released regularly, leading to an increasingly perfected dictation software for Mac users. No matter what platform you’re on, Talkatoo can be your go-to veterinary software for Mac systems. Try it today!

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