Straight from the Source

What Veterinarians Need and Want Now

Naomi Murray & Amy Mohl – October 25, 2022

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Session Overview

Join DVMs Naomi Murray and Amy Mohl, as they explore the ever-evolving landscape and trends of the veterinary profession. Guided by insights from their Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s audiences, you’ll learn how veterinarians are coping with higher-than-ever demand, how they are embracing technology (or not), the new rules of engagement with pet owners, and how we in the industry can better empower veterinary professionals to best take care of their patients and themselves.

Guest bios

Naomi Murray, DVM
Brief Media

Naomi Murray, DVM, is the senior director of strategic sales & business development at Brief Media, publisher of Clinician’s Brief and creator of the Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs and Plumb’s Pro apps. After graduating Ross University in 2006, she practiced in both private and corporate practice for 6 years before joining the Brief Media revenue team in 2012.  She is passionate about technology in clinical practice and how it can help veterinarians (including her husband!) be more efficient, more confident, decrease burnout, and enjoy the career they have chosen. When Naomi is not focused on Plumb’s, she enjoys farm life with her family including cows, horses, pigs, chickens, and her favorite lion-cut dog Cupcake. 

Amy Mohl, DVM
Brief Media

Amy Mohl, DVM, is chief medical officer at Brief Media—home of Clinician’s Brief and Plumb’s—and a practicing small animal veterinarian in Virginia. She brings nearly 15 years of experience (and a special interest in the business of veterinary medicine) to her role and is largely focused on finding solutions that make clinical practice better for veterinarians everywhere. When she’s not obsessing about the details of the Plumb’s user experience, Amy can be found at home, wrangling 2 elementary-age children and 2 pandemic puppies.

Find out more about Brief Media. Connect on LinkedIn: Naomi Murray or Amy Mohl.