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A dictation solution that works with all practice management software.

  • Cut documentation time in half.
  • Improve speed, accuracy and quality of your documentation.
  • Finally make it home on time.

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Stop wondering when your chart work will ease up

Cut your documentation time in half with Talkatoo’s veterinary dictation solution

Double your productivity

Improve speed and accuracy in record keeping. Capture chart notes faster than typing or writing.

Rest and recuperate

Increase free time to recharge away from the clinic. Talkatoo could just be your new best friend.

Get set up and going quickly

Works with all practice management software. Use Talkatoo on any computer.

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Talkatoo integrates seamlessly into your workflow

You don’t have to change how you work to benefit from Talkatoo. Simply dictate anywhere you can place your cursor to start saving time. With Talkatoo you can dictate your emails, documents, or directly into your Practice Management Software.

Emails and Messages

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  • outlook
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  • yahoo

Documents and Projects

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Save hours with veterinarian dictation software lets you talk your way through chart work

Talkatoo speaks your language

Simple speech-text capabilities. Talkatoo is the dictation solution you’ve been missing to reduce the time you spend on documentation.

It’s easy to get started

Fit our software seamlessly into your workflow.  Use Talkatoo on any computer that you’ve downloaded it on.

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Streamline your practice


Works with all practice management software

Dictation software that adapts to your work environment. Use Talkatoo on any computer, whether its a Mac or Windows, at the clinic or at home.

Scale to the size of your team

Subscription based model with tiered pricing options is a smart pitch to make to your practice’s leadership.

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Trusted by over 1,000
veterinary professionals.

Learn how professionals use Talkatoo in thier practice to refocus on patients care.

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All reviews from Capterra. Publish Date – April 30, 2021