Veterinary Telehealth

Opportunities for Expanding Access to Care and Improving
Workflow at Your Practice

Dr. Sarah Wallace – December 6, 2022

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Session Overview

Over 48 million dogs and cats were adopted over three years during the COVID pandemic, but only 5,000 new veterinarians were added in that same time period. The need to minimize the spread of disease combined with unprecedented staff shortages prompted veterinary clinics to consider telehealth as an alternative to in-clinic appointments to help ensure access to care and maintain hospital throughput. Telehealth showed it has the potential to help significantly streamline workflows, offer access to care for more pet owners by reducing costs, reach and medicalize underserved pet populations, and better serve the clients willing to embrace virtual care. As usage of digital information and communication technologies continues to grow, incorporating telehealth into your veterinary business plan presents a number of opportunities that can’t be ignored. 

Join telehealth advocate and VP of Telehealth at Galaxy Vets, Dr. Sarah Wallace, and Talkatoo CEO, Shawn Wilkie, to find out how your practice can benefit from telehealth as a complementary tool to your on-site services and get tips to help work telehealth into your clinic operations.

Guest bio

Dr. Sarah Wallace
Galaxy Vets

Dr. Sarah Wallace is a veterinarian and telehealth expert motivated by the belief that through design thinking, genuinely caring about veterinary teams, and technology, this industry is absolutely capable of creating a healthy work environment for our veterinary teams. 

Prior to joining Galaxy Vets as Vice President of Telehealth, Sarah experienced early career burnout in the clinical setting and found her niche in telehealth. In 2018, she helped Fuzzy Pet Health successfully build and launch a nationwide, standalone telehealth platform. Soon after, she helped Modern Animal build and improve their hospital-integrated telehealth solution. These experiences, along with her desire to create a sustainable working environment for veterinary professionals, have shaped Sarah’s ongoing commitment to find ways to use telehealth to increase access to care and mitigate workload for veterinary teams. 

In her spare time, Sarah likes swing dancing, road cycling, knitting, reading awesome books, and lots of cooking and kitchen experiments. Sarah lives with her two dogs – Birdie, a 12-year-old grumpy, couch potato rat terrier rescue dog that cost literally $14 to adopt, and Rocco, a 1-year-old gremlin, grumble monster cocker spaniel, and her fiance, Neil. 

Find out more about Galaxy Vets. Connect with Sarah on LinkedIn.

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