Become a Talkatoo Ninja

Become a Talkatoo Ninja
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If you’ve joined the Talkatoo flock, congratulations! We’re stoked you’ve decided to put an end to spending countless hours on tedious record-keeping and documentation.

Whether you’re a Talkatoo alumni or new to the software, these tips will help roundhouse kick your experience up a notch so you’ll be a Talkatoo ninja in no time.

  1. Select the correct microphone 
    For best dictation results, a good quality microphone will make all the difference. Make sure you’ve selected the right model within the Talkatoo settings window when setting up. 
  1. Setting your microphone level 
    For louder environments set the level to 25-35%; for quieter ones, go to 40-50%. 
  1. How to hold your microphone 
    When using your dictation microphone, make sure to hold it two inches from your mouth. 
  1. Starting and stopping dictation 
    To start dictating, press the dictation button and release, then begin speaking. Wait for the last word to come up on the screen before pressing the button again to end dictation. 
  1. Special voice commands 
    While dictating, say the words “new line” when you want your cursor to move to the next line, and “new paragraph” when you want the cursor to create a new paragraph. 
  1. Don’t look at the screen 
    Instead, focus on your notes and the software will capture everything you need. 
  1. How to dictate short-form measurements
    Add the measurements you use most often to ‘my words’ (e.g., ml, kg, mg, lbs) and speak them phonetically while dictating: “Buster has lost five ‘el bee ess’ since his last visit.”  
  1. Proper pronunciation is key 
    Google will show you the way our system wants you to pronounce the word which may be different than how you pronounce it (sorry for this, it’s just the best way to get the most out of Talkatoo). To find out how a word is pronounced just Google it followed by the word “pronunciation” (ex. tachypnea pronunciation). 
  1. My words 
    Sometimes something you say will be misheard as another popular word or spelling. This can be easily solved by defining which you prefer and adding it in ‘my words’ (e.g., Sean, Shaun, or Shawn). 
  1. More is better 
    Talkatoo does its best work with more context, so try to speak in full thoughts and sentences whenever possible. 

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