Become a Talkatoo Ninja

Become a Talkatoo Ninja
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If you’ve joined the Talkatoo flock, congratulations! We’re stoked you’ve decided to put an end to spending countless hours on tedious record-keeping and documentation.

Whether you’re a Talkatoo alumni or new to the software, these tips will help roundhouse kick your experience up a notch so you’ll be a Talkatoo ninja in no time.

  1. Select the correct microphone
    Make sure you’ve selected the correct microphone (Audio Control RM for the Olympus microphone) within the Talkatoo settings window.
  1. Preventing background noise
    Talkatoo will automatically adjust the microphone volume to prevent background noise from interfering. If you find this is not effective, you can uncheck the auto-adjustment and manually set the level as needed in the settings.
  1. Holding your microphone
    Hold your mic two to three inches from your mouth for the best results. You can practically whisper in this range.
  1. Starting and stopping dictation 
    To start dictating, tap the red record button on your mic, or click the Start Dictation button on-screen. Wait for the transcription and any corrections to complete before tapping off. Ending too soon may result in losing text.
  1. Special voice commands 
    While dictating, say the words new line to move your cursor down a space, and new paragraph
  1. Don’t look at the screen while dictating
    Instead, try looking once at the beginning and once at the end to ensure all of your words are captured from start to finish.
  1. How to dictate short-form measurements
    Add the measurements you use most often to MyWords (e.g., ml, kg, mg, lbs) and speak the letters while dictating (e.g. “Buster lost five el bee ess since his last visit.”
  1. MyWords
    Sometimes Talkatoo will get a word wrong. In most cases, this can be easily solved by adding the word to MyWords. Pro-tip: If a word isn’t recognized after adding it, try adding the specific phrase you are having trouble with (e.g., Urine vs. Urine sample).
  1. Proper pronunciation is key
    If you’re struggling with a word, Googling it followed by “pronunciation” (ex. tachypnea pronunciation) and mimicking the suggested pronunciation can help.
  1. More is better 
    Talkatoo does its best work with more context, so try to speak in full thoughts, sentences and paragraphs whenever possible.

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