The 21st Century Animal Health Symposium | Shawn Wilkie, CEO

The 21st Century Animal Health Symposium | Shawn Wilkie, CEO
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I just returned from my inaugural trip to Champaign, Illinois, where I attended The 21st Century Veterinary Symposium on the stunning campus of the University of Illinois. I had the privilege of delivering a keynote speech on innovation, drawing from my role as the CEO of a tech startup company and as the co-host of the Veterinary Innovation Podcast. The audience was a fascinating blend of individuals from academia, industry, and the veterinary profession at large, encompassing both large and small animal veterinarians.

The discussions that took place were nothing short of remarkable, as they sought to shape the future of veterinary medicine through a new initiative fully supported by the University of Illinois. I am eagerly anticipating the evolution of these conversations as they are translated into action. One notable observation about the field of veterinary medicine today is that it faces a multitude of challenges. It’s a well-known fact that industries grappling with problems tend to attract innovators in droves, and this is precisely what is happening in this wonderful industry.

I firmly believe that this initiative will make significant strides in addressing the complex issues confronting veterinary medicine today. It was an immense honor and a true pleasure for me to deliver the keynote address. During my speech, I covered the landscape of innovation from the 1980s to the present day, with the hope of inspiring the audience to approach today’s problems with fresh perspectives and solutions that the brilliant minds in this field are actively exploring, both now and in the future.

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