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Talkatoo is the legal dictation software you’ve been missing to reduce the time you spend on documentation. Works on both Mac and Windows.

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Save time. Get more done.

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As a legal professional, you’re always short on time. Heavy case loads, billable hour requirements, and demanding clients translate into long hours. Talkatoo dictation helps you get time back in your day, so you can get more work done.

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Speed up legal documentation times.

Cut your documentation time in half with Talkatoo’s simple speech-to-text capability. You’ll be able to capture notes faster than typing or writing, which means more quality time with your clients and your family.

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Easy and quick to setup and use.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to use Talkatoo. The process is simple – just download, click, and talk. It could just be your new best friend.

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Talkatoo speaks your language.

Our dictation software gets updated regularly, and offers a full legal dictionary.

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Flexibility that scales with your team.

Talkatoo is for everyone. Whether you’re a busy lawyer, paralegal, secretary, or clerk, we help you save time and reduce the burden of your workload. There’s no need to purchase expensive boxed software and you can install Talkatoo on every computer.

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Talkatoo works where you choose to work.

You can download Talkatoo on as many computers as you like, whether Mac or Windows, at the office or at home, and have as many users as your plan allows. Unlike some of our competitors, you won’t pay more for each computer where the software is installed.

What would you do with extra time back in your day?

Talkatoo dictation works with all law practice management software, improving speed and accuracy in record keeping and documentation.


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