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Talkatoo provides desktop dictation services to thousands of veterinary practices nationwide

January 11, 2021 (Greeley, CO) – Patterson Veterinary today announced a partnership with Talkatoo to offer a cloudbased software that provides a user-friendly dictation solution for veterinary practices.

Talkatoo is an innovative speech-to-text software helping veterinarians to save time by capturing chart notes quickly
and accurately. It is powered by artificial intelligence, meaning that the more customers use the software, the better it
will understand frequently used words and lingo. It also comes with a built-in medical dictionary and offers a feature
called “My Words,” allowing customers the ability to use their own unique, customizable vocabulary.
Through this agreement, Patterson Veterinary customers will now be able to utilize Talkatoo on any practice
management software platform, including NaVetor.

“There is nothing that is more valuable to our customers than their time,” said Dan Holland, Director of Technology,
Patterson Veterinary. “Partnering with Talkatoo will save customers hours of record keeping each week, while
providing peace of mind that their notes are thorough and accurate.”

Additionally, Talkatoo says the decision to partner with Patterson was an easy one, based on the two companies’
shared commitment to their customers.

“Having been involved in medical and veterinary diction for years, I knew there had to be a better way to deliver
software,” said Shawn Wilkie, CEO of Talkatoo. “Our goal is simple. We want to make the day-to-day lives of medical
professionals better. We’re excited to help Patterson customers save time and improve their businesses by
transforming workflow and drastically decreasing time spent on the computer.”

For Patterson, this partnership supports Patterson Veterinary’s key objective of providing the best, most relevant and
most innovative technology solutions to veterinarian practices.
“Finding the right partners that bring value to our customers is a top priority for our organization,” adds Holland
“Patterson Veterinary is dedicated to providing the most innovative technology solutions to veterinarian’s practices,
and this partnership with Talkatoo allows us to continue supporting that goal.”

To learn more, contact your Patterson Veterinary sales representative for a demo.

About Patterson Veterinary

Patterson Veterinary, combined with sister company Animal Health International, forms one of the largest animal
health companies in North America, distributing products, equipment, technologies and practice-management
solutions to companion animal veterinary clinics, livestock operations and dealer/farm stores. For more information,
visit and

About Talkatoo

Talkatoo is a technology company that does dictation software differently. Our software helps busy veterinary
professionals cut documentation time in half, so they can spend more time with patients and less time on after-hours
typing. Talkatoo’s affordable subscription model and user-friendly interface set us apart from traditional boxed
dictation software.

CONTACT: Patrick Strait, Corporate Communications Manager
COMPANY: Animal Health International Inc.
TEL: 651.686.2397
PATTERSON VETERINARY | 822 7th Street, Suite 740 | Greeley, CO 80631 NEWS RELEASE
SOURCE: Patterson Companies Inc.

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