Talkatoo just got better

Talkatoo just got better
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We’re constantly working to improve your Talkatoo experience! We’ve just released Talkatoo v1.7.0. Here’s a summary of what has changed:

Punctuation just got better

We increased the list of supported punctuation types while ‘Manual Punctuation’ is enabled within Talkatoo’s settings.

Currently supported punctuation types include:

” . ” period
” , ” comma
” ! ” exclamation mark

” ? ” question mark
” : ” colon
” ; ” semicolon

Capitalization just got better

When words or phrases are added to the ‘My Words’ list, Talkatoo will now respect the punctuation of the whole phrase, as opposed to simply the first letter.

Example: If you save “SOAP” into ‘My Words’, Talkatoo will now write “SOAP” the next time you say it, helping you manage your abbreviations.

Option to Toggle “Interim Results”

Interim Results show you how Talkatoo is working to determine what it is you are trying to say. With this new release, you will now see an option in the Settings menu to disable this feature. When disabled, text will only print once Talkatoo has completed work in back-end. This eliminates the constant backspacing you may have experienced previously, however, Talkatoo will appear to be taking slightly longer than usual to print results. Here is an example of Talkatoo in action, with this option disabled:

When Interim Results are enabled, text will print as you speak, however, Talkatoo will make corrections as it determines what you are trying to say. This appears as backspacing and correcting as shown in the example below:

As you can see the end result is the same, but the text is printed slightly differently. Which option is better is completely up to personal preference, and you may choose the option you like the best.

MacOs Improvements

We’ve squashed a few bugs that were inherit to the macOS Talkatoo experience. You will now notice performance improvements and Talkatoo will appear to work much more fluidly.

Notifications on macOS will also no longer pull the focus window. Some users experienced a bug that would pull focus after a new notification from Talkatoo. This has now been fixed for a better user experience while multitasking.

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