What’s the Ideal Number of Daily Appointments for Veterinarians?

  • Aug 21, 2020

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A veterinary practice can get quite busy during certain hours of the day and certain times of the year. However, chances are you will usually have a similar number of appointments booked any given day. But what should that number be? What is that ideal number of daily appointments for veterinarians? There are a few factors that help determine the answer to that question, so let’s get right into them.

Is there enough staff working?

Most veterinarian offices are small practices that usually schedule appointments every 15 minutes. During appointments, one or maybe two animals will be looked at. In an eight-hour day, it’s likely that one staff member qualified to examine patients will see between 30 and 60. The average is somewhere around 40 each day. If you are understaffed, your ability to see more than this will be limited. However, if you have several members of your veterinary team who can see patients, the number of daily appointments can increase significantly.

How much time is spent on administrative tasks?

Administrative tasks, such as taking appointments, checking emails, filling out records, and others, can take up quite a bit of time. This could lead to having fewer appointments, meaning less revenue for your veterinary clinic. An easy way to cut down on time spent on anything involving typing is to use dictation software like Talkatoo. Thanks to using this speech-to-text veterinary software, you significantly cut down on the time and hassle of certain administrative tasks. 

Do you provide online services? 

Your staff will free up a large quantity of time when you allow people to request refills through your website. You can then use the dictation software, such as Talkatoo, to write refill instructions within your veterinary software for a more streamlined and quick way to get prescriptions filled.

Free Up Time to Book More Appointments

If you want to book more daily appointments, dictating instead of typing is one of the simplest and most productive ways to achieve your goals.You could be booking several dozen daily appointments at your veterinary practice if you pay attention to these questions. Talkatoo is highly-acclaimed speech-to-text dictation software that veterinary offices across the country are now using and we highly recommend that you try it at your own practice. The results may surprise you!


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