Talkatoo Dictation Software: Finally a replacement for Dragon Medical for Mac

Talkatoo Dictation Software: Finally a replacement for Dragon Medical for Mac
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As a healthcare professional, your number one priority is ensuring that your patients get the care that they need and deserve. In order to provide them with that care, you have to really listen to what they say, get all of the details right, and make sure everyone involved in their care plan has accurate and complete information. 

Manual note taking and documentation is time consuming and it leaves a lot of room for error and miscommunication. So we created Talkatoo. Talkatoo integrates seamlessly with your Electronic Medical Records software and streamlines the documentation process. Ultimately helping medical professionals to perform their jobs better and faster than ever before.

What Is Medical Dictation Software?

Medical dictation software works quite similarly to the speech-to-text feature on your smartphone, but with increased flexibility and accuracy. Talkatoo’s dictation software learns a user’s unique speech habits, short-cuts, and vocabulary, so it can work as a personal note taker that never misses a beat. 

Medical dictation software by Talkatoo can help healthcare professionals quickly and accurately fill out SOAP notes, important documents, aftercare instructions, prescriptions, email correspondence and more!

One of the first dictation software packages available for the medical industry was Dragon Medical Practice Edition (now Dragon Medical One). Dragon software is one of the most widely used dictation solutions out there, however, users familiar with Dragon Medical were disappointed to find out that they discontinued Dragon Medical for Mac. Mac users had been left with no dictation software that met their needs, until Talkatoo was created. Talkatoo works with both PC and Mac giving you maximum flexibility when it comes to all of your transcription and dictation needs. So if you need a robust solution, Talkatoo is the perfect software for you.

Key Features of Talkatoo’s Medical Dictation Software

After experiencing all that Talkatoo can do for you and your medical staff, you may come to find that it’s your new best friend. You’ll love it because:

Gets better over time – Talkatoo’s dedicated development team constantly improves the user experience by adding features that help get you home on time. The more you use Talkatoo, the better it gets at transcribing your notes into digital format.

Custom dictionary (My Words) – The medical field often uses abbreviations that aren’t understood by typical dictation software. Talkatoo has a custom dictionary option that allows you to tell the software exactly what you mean when you say a certain word. 

Accurate medical transcriptions – There are tons of medical terms that are too complex for simple transcription software to understand. Talkatoo has been designed specifically for medical use so it will never miss a word! Not even ones like “hypsodont,” “acaricide,” or “quaternary.”

Install on multiple devices – Talkatoo has plans that can support up to 15 users, and options for custom plans that support even more. Once you fulfil the purchase requirements, all you have to do is download Talkatoo on as many computers as you need to so your team can work together seamlessly. 

Works where you do – Talkatoo is dictation software for any computer, whether you have a Mac, Windows, or want to download it on the computers at your clinic. There is no limit to how many computers you can download Talkatoo on, either! You can rely on it at work, at home, and on the go.

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