Alternatives to Dragon Veterinary Dictation for Mac Users

Alternatives to Dragon Veterinary Dictation for Mac Users
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Let’s face it, nobody went into veterinary so they could spend all their time typing up reports. And as a veterinary professional, you take A LOT of notes throughout the day. That means loads of extra time, effort, frustration and hand cramps. But don’t call your local orthopaedist just yet, there’s another way––a way that could save you five or more hours every week: you need to use dictation software. If you’re a Windows user, you have a few decent options, but if you’re on a Mac, it’s slim pickings––until Talkatoo came along.

Talkatoo is dictation software that works with both Windows and Mac operating systems and uses speech-to-text capabilities to deliver quick and accurate dictation. It’s made specifically with vets in mind. It knows your lingo, thanks to the built-in veterinary dictionary, but also allows the flexibility of adding new words, terms and abbreviations to customize your experience. As an added feature, the Talkatoo MobileMic instantly turns your iPhone into a secure, wireless microphone and pairs with any Mac or Windows device where Talkatoo is running, giving you the freedom to roam from computer to computer with ease. 

Were you a Dragon Veterinary dictation user?

Nuance’s Dragon software was a popular option when it came to a dictation solution for veterinarians. However, Nuance’s Dragon Veterinary for Mac was discontinued a few years ago. Mac users had been left with no dictation software that met their needs. Talkatoo has filled that void, offering the most robust, veterinary speech-to-text solution on the market for Mac systems.

Talkatoo gives veterinarians the edge because of its ability to work in all practice management systems, in any browser, on any email platform, and beyond––anywhere (and we mean anywhere) you regularly type, you can talk. It’s quick to install, easy-to-use, can understand multiple accents, and clocks in at over 200 words per minute, which is 5x the average human typing speed. One veterinarian and practice owner, Dr. Lindsay Ruland, improved her clinic’s workflow by significantly cutting the time her staff spent on documentation and record-keeping.

If you’re looking for a MacOS dictation option or if you struck-out looking for Dragon Medical for Mac, Talkatoo dictation is the right choice. 

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