The Olympus Noise Cancelling Microphone – Bye Bye Background Chatter

The Olympus Noise Cancelling Microphone – Bye Bye Background Chatter
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It’s difficult to work around the noise level in a busy veterinary clinic, especially if you need some peace and quiet to dictate your notes. That’s why Talkatoo recommends the new state-of-the-art Olympus RecMic II noise canceling microphone, designed specifically to reduce the effects of ambient noise. Right now, when you purchase any of our annual plans, you receive the Olympus microphone free for each user.

Highly Accurate in Noisy Environments

We tested several microphone and headset options and found that nothing compares to the quality of the Olympus mic. With two microphones and an intelligent noise suppression system, the Olympus mic focuses audio capture on the person speaking and reduces unwanted background sound to create hyper-clear, accurate verbal notes, even in busy places like your clinic. 

Customizable Buttons

We’ve done all the programming for you! All customers who received the microphone from Talkatoo get a pre-programed device, allowing you to control the Talkatoo dictation bar. You can tab through sections and create a new line all from buttons on the mic to ensure workflow within your PIMS is simple and efficient.

Antimicrobial Housing
Designed specifically for medical environments, the Olympus mic housing and buttons are made of antimicrobial coating materials with silver ions to hinder the growth of microbes. Plus, the design offers tolerance to alcohol to withstand repeated cleaning which is ideal for medical uses.

User Tested and Approved! 

All of our customers using the Olympus noise cancelling microphone are deeply satisfied with the experience, making it an easy mic to recommend to all of our transcribers!

For information on setting up your Olympus mic, click here.

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