Partnership Announcement: Talkatoo and Digitail Team Up to Digitize Medical Records at Lightning Speeds

  • Aug 04, 2020

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Up until now, documenting pet medical records involved a large amount of paperwork that needed to be physically filed and retrieved. That’s no longer the case, thanks to Digitail and Talkatoo. It is now possible to not only digitize pet medical records but dictate them into practice management software veterinarians use.

Digitail has caused quite a stir with its unique software solution for veterinarian clinics across the world. With Digitail, it is possible to have an online booking system, automatic reminders of important appointments and tasks, digitized record-keeping, and stock management. All of this is accessible using one single portal.

With Digitail, taking notes for each pet is now even easier thanks to a partnership with Talkatoo, which allows for dictation directly into Digitail. Does Talkatoo integrate with Digitail? You bet it does. In fact, Talkatoo will work in any field on any computer that you can type on. This means it will work with Digitail on both Windows and Mac computers. With virtually all veterinarians using one of these systems, practically any pet clinic or hospital can take advantage of the solution that Digitail and Talkatoo provide.


Improve Workflow and Make Data-Driven Decisions

Thanks to Digitail’s modernized solution for pet clinics and hospitals everywhere, your workflow can also be improved. This is due to information synching in real-time, which significantly cuts down on the laborious process of typing or writing out information. The data gets synced up on any device.

Also, all staff will know what is happening and what needs to be done next. The seamless and easy-to-follow workflow ensures staff will always be ready and making the best decisions possible.

For veterinarians selling products, they can stay informed on which ones are the best-selling ones. This novel software solution will also identify which veterinary services are the most popular, as well as how the staff is performing in their duties and responsibilities.


A Partnership That Will Revolutionize the Industry

If you were wondering, does Talkatoo integrate with Digitail? You now know the answer. Thanks to the partnership between Digitail and Talkatoo, it is now possible to modernize and simplify pet medical records, note-taking, and much more.

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