Talkatoo Releases Revolutionary Dictation Software for Mac

Talkatoo Releases Revolutionary Dictation Software for Mac
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Talkatoo is revolutionary dictation software that makes it easy for veterinarians to dictate and immediately see it converted into text. Up until now, it was only possible to do so on Windows, but a new version has been released for macOS. That’s right, Mac users rejoice!

Talkatoo’s voice dictation solution has already offered tremendous flexibility and convenience for vets everywhere, even on their personal laptops. Since a significant number of people have devices and machines running on macOS, it made sense to release a version that could be used for them. This ensures that everyone can now enjoy what Talkatoo has to offer.


Cloud-Based AI Technology

Talkatoo has already been stirring a buzz due to its cloud-based AI technology that works intuitively. Anywhere that you can type, you can talk, letting Talkatoo transcribe your voice into text on your screen. It works the same way a keyboard does, except you don’t have to type at all. Imagine all the time saved!

This AI-powered software is also constantly improving. It can already understand what you say, and it’s improving each and every day as more people use the software. This means you can forego the arduous process of training it to understand your voice. Whatever accent you have, it will pick up on what you want it to type out for you.

This powerful software can also remember certain names, locations, and jargon you regularly use in your veterinary practice. You have the option of adding unique vocabulary so that it will remember it.

It’s going to be hard to beat the speed at which Talkatoo works, given the exceptional 200 words per minute (WPM) it clocks in. That mindblowing speed is five times more than the average typing speed! Even though it’s this fast, it stays highly accurate. That means you will be spending far less time correcting mistakes you thought would be there. This leaves you more time to focus on other important tasks instead.

This revolutionary dictation software also has an extensive professional vocabulary, so chances are the whatever jargon you use in your veterinary practice will already be included. That cuts down on you needing to manually add specific words or phrases into the software’s dictionary. Finally, this cloud-based voice dictation solution is platform-agnostic. That ensures whether you are on Windows or macOS, you will enjoy all the same features.


A Revolution in Dictation Software

Talkatoo is a revolutionary dictation software now available for both Windows and Mac. Users of both operating systems can now take care of all their veterinary duties from the comfort of their homes. Voice dictation has never been easier! You can now try Talkatoo for free for seven days when you sign up, with no credit card required. Sign up and enjoy making your veterinary tasks and duties much simpler.


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