How to Attract the Best and the Brightest Employees for Your Veterinary Practice

How to Attract the Best and the Brightest Employees for Your Veterinary Practice
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You need to build a team you can trust to give the best care to the furry friends at your practice. But from navigating the vet shortage to figuring out who’s the right fit for your team, finding the brightest and best talent can be tricky.

So how do you reach the people who will really make a difference at your clinic? Whether you’re building a team from the ground up or you want to bring on some new faces, providing standout pet care is always going to be a priority. Our tips for hiring and retaining vets can help you along the way.

The Right Staff Makes All the Difference

Hiring veterinary staff is a tall order. From helping Fido’s owners feel welcome when they visit your clinic for the first time to getting Muffins the kitty the care she needs when she’s sick, your staff has their hands full. You want the brightest people handling all the important things your team does in a day.

From your veterinarians to your vet techs to your receptionist, everybody on the team contributes. You’re all there building a practice that really helps your furry friends and the people who love them.

Hiring During the Veterinarian Shortage

The laws of attraction are key when you’re recruiting and hiring vet employees. You need people with the industry know-how, the passion for quality care and the drive to do their best. In today’s world, you need a thoughtful strategy to look for those people and attract them to your practice.

With the 2020 to 2021 job outlook for veterinarians way higher than average at 17% growth, demand for employees to keep practices like yours going continues to grow. Your practice has so much to offer, so showcase all the positives of being on your team. Hiring in this market is all about attracting candidates with standout benefits and a great work environment.

How to Attract the Right Employees to Your Veterinary Practice

So you’re ready to grow your team and showcase all your vet practice has to offer. How do you get started? Keep these best practices in mind to help you get the attention of the brightest people in the field.

1. Foster an Innovative Mindset

The up-and-coming veterinary staff looking for jobs today bring lots of experience and technological know-how to the table. Invest in the latest tools, gadgets and software to make a typical day on the job more efficient than ever. With options like mobile apps for patients, online pharmacy platforms, speech-to-text transcription AI and other great tools, you can create a better experience for your staff and pet owners alike.

2. Build Your Social Media Presence

How do you let people know about your vet practice? Go where they are by creating a solid social media presence. Make sure your profiles represent your practice’s passion, mission and dedication to quality care. When you get the word out about what you have to offer, you’ll make it easier for the right candidate to find you.

3. Give Employees the Benefits They Want

Today’s competitive market means you need to make your offer stand out. Explore the benefits that job applicants in the vet field want the most. While you’re at it, pay attention to offerings your competitors might be missing.

Demonstrate that your practice will prioritize an outstanding work-life balance with offerings like:

  • Generous time-off policies.
  • Ongoing fitness programs.
  • Great medical insurance.
  • Bonuses and awards.
  • Career development and promotion opportunities.

4. Show That You Care

Remember the law of attraction? When you showcase how much your practice cares, you’ll attract people who care, too. Your team is here to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners, so make your passion loud and clear. From practicing social responsibility to giving back to the community, make sure you’re investing in your patients however you can.

5. Be Open to Feedback

The best way to support your new and current team members is to listen well. Welcome feedback and take time to think through your employees’ contributions. When you encourage open dialogue and growth opportunities, you can continue making your practice a better place for everyone there.

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