The Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Talkatoo

  • May 25, 2020

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We’ve talked to a lot of people about Talkatoo, and while in general the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, we do sometimes run into objections.

Here are the top 10 myths about Talkatoo we’ve heard, and the truth below:

Myth #1: It’s not compatible with my practice management software
One of the things that makes Talkatoo unique is its ability to work with any practice management software. Talkatoo works like an alternate keyboard, so anywhere you can type, you can use Talkatoo to dictate. Talkatoo is guaranteed to work with your PMS, we’ve tested it!

Myth #2: Talkatoo is expensive
Talkatoo is very competitively priced when compared to other options on the market, and you can start using Talkatoo for as low as $55.96/month. With no other hardware required, the cost to get started is super low, and with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you’re welcome to try before you buy, risk-free!

Myth #3: Talkatoo won’t understand my veterinary terms
Talkatoo has been built from the ground up with veterinarians in mind, and this includes an extensive veterinary vocabulary. We’ve spent months working with colleges and universities across North America building out our veterinary voice model, and it’s improving every day.

Myth #4: I need to buy a license for every doctor
Talkatoo allows you to buy as many or as little licenses as you like, and you can even share one license for multiple doctors. The way the licenses work allows one person to be dictating at a time, so if you work different shifts then you can share the single license. You can also install Talkatoo on as many computers as you like! In the office and at home.

Myth #5: I need to buy an expensive microphone before I start dictating
Lots of dictation options out there require you to buy an expensive microphone just to use their product, however Talkatoo works great with just the built-in microphone in your laptop or computer. If you’re using a desktop, we can recommend a free phone app that allows you to dictate even when there’s no mic built-in.

Myth #6: I will need to spend hours training Talkatoo to my voice
Talkatoo uses the most advanced speech recognition API on the planet, and does not require any training time at all. Talkatoo works “out of the box”, and will work just as well for you as it will for your colleague. Begin dictating right away!

Myth #7: Talkatoo won’t understand my accent
While you may have had bad experiences with other software in the past, Talkatoo works very well with all voices, regardless of accent or dialect. The voice model has been trained with voices from all over the world and performs very well even with thick accents.

Myth #8: I need to buy a license for every computer
While Talkatoo does have a licensed billing approach, this does not mean that you need to buy a license for every computer in your practice, but you can install it on all of your computers. Talkatoo allows you to work from every device, and you can switch between any device (at work or at home), and dictate anywhere. Just ensure there’s only one device in use at a time.

Myth #9: Installation will be difficult
Installing Talkatoo could not be easier. Simply go to our downloads page, click the download button and within 1 minute you’ll be able to log in and begin dictating. And remember, you can install Talkatoo on all your computers!

Myth #10: This will be inconvenient to use
Talkatoo seamlessly works its way into your workflow and lives in a discrete location on your desktop. Simply click where you’d like to dictate, press ‘Start Dictation’, and begin dictating. Using Talkatoo could not be more straightforward!

With all this in mind, there’s no better time to make the shift to dictation. Sign up or start your free trial today!

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